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entertainment for children. dates: -20/6/23 -27/6/23 -11/7/23 -17/7/23 -25/7/23 -7/8/23 -22/8/23 -29/8/23
JUNE - Friday 2 "VIA DEI MILLE I MUSICA". Live concert of the "All Star" - Friday 16 and Saturday 17 "3rd edition 1000 GUSTI E SAPORI" food and wine market with street food and live music - Tuesday 20 "LATINO A 1000" with Alejandro - Thursday 22 "WELLNESS AND SUSTAINABILITY MARKET" - Tuesday 27 "AUTHOR MARKETS" Street Market - Friday 30 "VIA DEI MILLE IN MUSICA" with DJ Perazzolo and DJ Cosmo JULY - Friday 7 "3rd edition FASHION A 1000" fashion show with entertainment. - Tuesday 11 "LATINO A 1000" with Alejandro - Friday 14 "VIA DEI MILLE IN MUSICA" - Thursday 20 "WELLNESS AND SUSTAINABILITY MARKET" - Tuesday 25 "AUTHOR MARKETS" Street Market - Friday 28 "VIA DEI MILLE IN MUSICA" live concert by Sandro Casali. AUGUST - Friday 4 "VIA DEI MILE IN MUSICA" with Vane and Gian unplugged duo - Friday 11 "VIA DEI MILLE IN MUSICA" - Thursday 17 "4th edition SUMMER FESTIVAL" author merchants, street entertainment, shows and watermelon - Tuesday 22 "LATINO A 1000" with Alejandro Tuesday 29 "AUTHOR MERCHANTS" street market
Lido Ovest doesn't skimp on the summer vibe this year either! Below is the complete programme of events for summer 2023: La fabbrica della scienza & Sole Rosso Animazione (h. 21:00): 26/06, 10/07, 24/07, 31/07, 07/08, 14/08, 21/08, 28/08; 08/07: Stars on Motorcycles & Rock for Bedanda - charity evening in aid of the Bedanda non-profit organisation; Every Wednesday from 5 July to 30 August - Latin American dancing, 9-11.30 p.m.; Concerts (h. 21:00): - 27/06: Let's Groove Funky Music 70s/80s/90s; - 30/06: Blue Night rock & blues cover band; - 14/07: Garlic, oil & swing - music from the 40s/50s; - 29/08: Country Beer Fest (h. 18:00); - 05/08: Concert choir Musica Insieme; - 08/08: Blue Night rock & blues cover band.
The event "dancing evenings outdoors" is not over yet! Also in the month of August from 21:00 the squares of Jesolo will be filled again with music and enthusiasm thanks to the ballroom and Latin American dancers. The following dates and the respective squares are foreseen for the month of August: - 7,14,21,28 August: BALL LISCIO in Piazza Torino -2,9,16,23,30 August: LATIN AMERICAN DANCE in Piazza Nember -4,11,18,25 August: LATIN AMERICAN DANCE in Piazza Aurora -22 August: LATINO A THOUSAND in Via dei Mille Admission is free.
"Breaking the silence and saying enough to violence and mistreatment is possible" From 12 January 2023, every Thursday from 09:00 to 12:00 it is possible to use the anti-violence desk service at the Municipality of Jesolo, which will provide free and specialized advice. The desk offers complete support and the team is made up of professional women psychologists, educators and lawyers, guaranteeing help to all women who are victims of violence and mistreatment and/or who find themselves in a difficult situation. Let's break the silence on violence against women and work together to end it. Every single person has power! If you need to, call the Anti-violence and Anti-stalking desk: Tel. 0421 596104
Alberto Toso Fei presents "Il piede destro di Byron"
Thanks to the "Jesolo libri 2023" event, meetings with authors will be held in these summer months. On Thursday 31 August, the author Alberto Toso Fei will present his book "Byron's right foot" in Piazza Milano from 9.00 pm. Here the author will speak of a sunny Venice, far from the siege of tourists. Alessandro Nicoli during a boat trip with his girlfriend finds an ancient gold coin near the abandoned island of San Giacomo in Paludo. For Nicoli, a Venetian who has always been a former journalist and investigator by chance, it is the beginning of an intricate investigation which, between news stories and ancient enigmas, will lead him to delve into the most hidden streets and canals of the Serenissima in an attempt to understand what bring together two murders without an apparent connection, an exorcist friar who claims to have invented the Chronovisor - a machine capable of overcoming the barriers of time -, the Hypnerotomachia - a centuries-old book that contains the secrets of dreams - and Lord Byron, the famous poet who lived for a long time in Venice between licenses and scandals, whose restless shadow hovers over the whole affair. Join this meeting to find out more! Free entry. In case of bad weather, the event is hosted at the Kursaal in Piazza Brescia.
To accompany us in this summer season, the REAL BODIES exhibition returns to Jesolo from June to September!! The latter is the most visited exhibition in the world, it is a unique experience that will allow you to discover the secrets of our organism through real human organs and bodies. Thanks to this unmissable exhibition, you will be able to admire the beauty and complexity of our organism. An exclusive multimedia area! Interactive experiences and virtual reality will take you on a journey through the circulatory system, nervous system and much more. The exhibition is open every day from 10:00 to 23:00. Last entry is at 10.00pm. Tickets can be purchased online at TicketOne. For more information and reservations:
The Fiamme Oro Kids/Young Camp is a summer athletics camp organized by Fiamme Oro Atletica at the Picchi Stadium. The camp is divided into two versions: Kids and Young. 1. The Kids version of the camp is aimed at children born between 2010 and 2012 and will take place from 26 June to 1 July. This version of the camp aims to introduce young participants to athletics through playful activities, games and training aimed at discovering the various athletic disciplines. There will be qualified instructors who will guide the children in their learning, providing them with the technical foundations and support necessary to develop their athletic skills. 2. The Young version of the camp is instead dedicated to children born between 2005 and 2009 and will be held from 28 August to 2 September. This version of the camp is designed for young athletes who are already familiar with track and field and wish to further their knowledge and skills. During the camp, the participants will be involved in specific training sessions, technical sessions and competitions, with the aim of improving their athletic performance and honing their skills in the various disciplines. This experience provides young athletes with the opportunity to develop their athletic skills, learn new techniques, improve fitness, and experience the world of track and field in a fun and challenging environment. Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to interact with expert athletes and coaches from Fiamme Oro Atletica, who will be able to share their experiences and offer valuable advice and support.
Jesolo will be the Veneto leg of the Air Force's centenary celebrations.
Jesolo will be the Veneto leg of the Air Force's centenary celebrations.
Beach Volleyball at Arrex in Jesolo is an event that brings together sport, entertainment and a pinch of summer magic. It's a celebration of team spirit, healthy competition and a passion for sport. And let's not forget the contagious enthusiasm of the audience! The grandstands are filled with passionate fans cheering on their favorite teams, creating an electrifying atmosphere. For further information and registration, consult: Here are the events scheduled for this summer season: JUNE: -Saturday 10: Mini beach -Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th: Him & Her JULY: -Saturday 1 and Sunday 2: regional beach volleyball championship -Wednesday 5 and Sunday 6: Tomboy - Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 : The big one -Saturday 15 and Sunday 16: regional beach volleyball championship -Monday 17 and Tuesday 18: regional beach volleyball championship -Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd: JBA cup AUGUST: -Saturday 12 and Sunday 13: regional Beach Volley championship -Saturday 19 and Sunday 20: regional Beach Volley championship SEPTEMBER: -Saturday 2 and Sunday 3: 4ever young
Summer is back and with it the funniest activities!! Here is everything that Piazza Torino will offer you this summer with events full of music and fun for you adults and for the little ones. Each event will start at 21:00 and has free admission! JUNE Monday 12th - BALL BALL Friday 19th - BALL BALL Sunday 21st - SCIENCE FACTORY Friday 26 - BALL BALL JULY Monday 3 - BALL BALL Wednesday 5 - ORFEI Monday 10 - BALL BALL Wednesday 12 - SCIENCE FACTORY Friday 17th - BALL BALL Thursday 20 - CULTURAL EVENING Monday 24 - BALANDO UNDER THE STARS (charity event) Wednesday 26 - SCIENCE FACTORY Friday 28th - GARLIC AND ALIO SWING Monday 31st - BALL BALL AUGUST Tuesday 1 - WATERMELON with GARLIC and SWING OIL Monday 7 - BALL BALL Wednesday - SCIENCE FACTORY Monday 14th - BALL BALL Wednesday 16 - ORFEI Monday 21st - BALL BALL Wednesday 23 - SCIENCE FACTORY Monday 28 - BALL BALL SEPTEMBER Monday 4 - GARLIC AND OIL SWING
For the warmer and cosier seasons of the year, Jesolo will host colourful stalls full of surprises to accompany you throughout your spring and summer. From June, opening hours will be from 20:00 to 24:00. Piazza Mazzini: 01/05, 19/06, 26/06, 10/07, 17/07, 24/07, 07/08, 21/08, 28/08, 05/09; Piazza Casabianca: 21/05, 28/05, 02/06, 09/06, 16/06, 23/06, 30/06, 14/07, 21/07, 27/07, 04/07, 10/08, 18/08, 24/08, 09/09; Piazza Nember: 26/05, 02/06, 19/06, 30/06, 04/07, 13/07, 21/07, 01/08, 04/08, 18/08, 25/08, 01/09, 09/09; Piazza Milano: 27/05, 09/06, 18/07, 08/08, 01/09; Piazza Manzoni: 04/06, 13/06, 20/06, 27/06, 04/07, 11/07, 18/07, 25/07, 01/08, 08/08, 15/08, 22/08, 29/08, 05/09; Via Dei Mille: 26/06, 27/06, 20/07, 25/07, 17/08, 29/08; Piazza Torino: 30/06, 07/07, 25/07; Piazza Aurora: 03/07, 31/07, 08/08, 22/08, 04/09; Cortellazzo: 11/07, 14/07, 28/07, 11/08, 18/08; Merville: 04/08.
GRAPE AND WINE FESTIVAL WITH PARADE OF FLOATS IN JESOLO LIDO On the first weekend in September, that is Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 September 2023 from 20:00, included among the "Taste Jesolo" events, the Grape and Wine Festival returns to celebrate the grape harvest and involve the welcome tourists to our resort with a big party. The streets of Jesolo Lido will be the setting for the great festival of picturesque allegorical floats that will parade to the rhythm of enthralling music, offering tastings of grapes and typical local wine along the squares of the Jesolo coastline and specifically in the area of Piazza Milano and Piazza Torino. Parades of majorettes and exciting choreographic dances along Via Altinate will enrich the parade of the numerous allegorical floats.
Summer 2023 in Passarella di sotto is an explosive combination of fun, culture and unforgettable moments. The city is ready to welcome visitors of all ages with a full program of activities that will suit all tastes. Here are the activities scheduled for this summer: -16 June: CABARET with MAX CAVALLARI "THE COOLEST OF FIGS" -21/22 July: BEER FESTIVAL -5 August: CARLO AND GIORGIO "SENZA SCHEI" theater -1/2/3 September: street food walkway -23 September: SOCCER TOURNAMENT We can't wait to welcome you!!
The Sand Sculpture exhibition celebrates its 25th edition in 2023: it presents itself with an exhibition dedicated to Contemporary Art, a project that leaves the artist free to give life to his own idea of art through the fragility of sand. Jesolo's international artists will be able to amaze with creativity and mastery, putting their professional artistic skills to the test. The sculptors and works: Susanne Ruseler (Netherlands) and David Ducharme (Canada): The Circle of Life. Radovan Zivney (Czech Republic): Focus. Sue McGrew (USA): The Modern Valkyrie. Dmitrii Klimenko (Russia): The Centaur rap battle. Free admission.
The Dynamo Sport Camp event will take place from 20 to 24 September, a project promoted by the Solo per Te Foundation in collaboration with the Dynamo Camp Foundation and the Italian Paralympic Powerchair Sport Federation (F.I.P.P.S.). This collaboration between the Dynamo Camp Foundation, an organization that organizes recreational programs for children with serious and chronic illnesses, and the Italian Paralympic Powerchair Sport Federation (F.I.P.P.S.), which promotes the sport of electric wheelchairs for people with motor disabilities, helps to offer a complete and inclusive experience. During Dynamo Sport Camp, participants will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sporting activities adapted to their needs, including wheelchair sports and other Paralympic disciplines. The appropriate supports and necessary equipment will be provided to allow all participants to fully enjoy the activities. Furthermore, the camp will also offer moments of leisure, entertainment and support for families, creating an environment of sharing and mutual support. We look forward to seeing you!!! For more information see:
June 26 – The Science Factory & Red Sun Animation, P.zza Nember at 21 27th June - Let's Groove Funky Music from the 70's/80's/90's, P.zza Nermber at 9pm June 30 - Blue Night Rock and Blues Cover Band, Piazza Marina at 9pm July 8th - Stars in Moto & Rock for the Bedanda - Charity evening in favor of the Onlus Bedanda - 5.30pm meeting in Piazza Nember. Motorcyclist Lawmen M.C. Italy - Officers Italy Venice & PASAV - 6.30 pm Motorbike parade from Piazza Marconi to Piazza Nember - 9 pm - Piazza Nember, concert by the Kiss cover band “Psicho Circus”. - Static motorcycle exhibitions in the parking lots from Via Marco Polo through Piazza Nember and Via dei Mille to Via Dandolo July 10 – The Science Factory & Sole Rosso Animation, P.zza Nember at 9pm 14th July - Garlic, Oil & Swing - Music from the 40's/50's, P.zza Nember at 9pm July 24 – The Science Factory & Red Sun Animation, P.zza Nember at 21 29 July Country Beer Fest, Piazza Nember - 6 p.m. DJ sets - 8.45pm Heartryte Country live band July 31 – The Science Factory & Red Sun Animation, P.zza Nember at 21 August 5th – Concert by the Musica Insieme choir, Piazza Nember at 9pm August 7th – The Science Factory & Sole Rosso Animation, P.zza Nember at 9pm August 8 - Blue Night Rock and Blues Cover Band, P.zza Nember at 9pm August 14 - The Science Factory and Red Sun Animation, P.zza Nember at 9pm August 21 – The Science Factory & Sole Rosso Animation, P.zza Nember at 9pm August 28 – The Science Factory & Red Sun Animation, P.zza Nember at 21 September 26 – “Lido Ovest” shopkeepers/residents, Season Closing Dinner and Music, P.zza Nember at 6.30pm Every Wednesday from July 5th to August 30th - Latin American dance, from 9.00pm to 11.30pm. In addition, summer markets are held in Piazza Nember in the evenings.
One of the most important and complete exhibitions in the world, offering an incredible journey through time to discover these creatures that were extinct millions of years ago.
From 1 July to 30 September 2023 the JMUSEO of Jesolo hosts two exhibitions that tell the development of the resort, from the early 20th century to the renowned tourist destination that it is today and the “vision” of Jesolo of the future.
>> event postponed from 13-14 May to 30 September - 1 October due to adverse weather conditions.
The second important concert series of the Great Organ Mascioni/Zanin op.398, attracts all enthusiasts to the Church of Santa Maria Ausiliatrice in Piazza Trieste, for eleven concerts from 15 April to 7 October 2023, with the most renowned organists: Saturday 15 April "Resurrexit sicut dixit" - Andrea Bozzato, Luigi and Luca Terracciano Saturday 13 May "An orchestra in the palm of the hand" - Raimondo Mazzon Saturday 27 May "A musical journey from the 1700s to the 1900s flying over different countries and styles" - Alice Nardo Saturday, June 10th “Organ music between the sacred and the profane” – Luca Canzian Friday 23 June twilight at the beginning of the new century” – Nicola Dolci Friday, July 21 "Musical journey between Germany and Italy" - Donato Cuzzato Friday, August 11 "Fantasies, Touches and All Kinds of Capricci: Italian Cecilianism" - Benedetta Porcedda Friday 18 August "La Sainte-Tradition: Bach's Legacy in France" - Wladimir Matesic Saturday September 9 “The Art of Transcription” – Francesco Leporatti Saturday 23 September "The Grand Tour" - Felix Marangoni Saturday, October 7th “Cantabili Virtuosimi” – Francesca Ajossa The concerts start at 8:45 p.m
Hauser, the "bad boy" from 2Cellos concert in Jesolo
The bad boy of the instrumentalists, founding member of 2Cellos, known simply as HAUSER, announces his long-awaited, first solo world tour "Rebel with a Cello." Among the few Italian dates, it will be at Palazzo del Turismo in Jesolo (Ve) on October 22, 2023.
Hauser, the "bad boy" from 2Cellos concert in Jesolo
The bad boy of the instrumentalists, founding member of 2Cellos, known simply as HAUSER, announces his long-awaited, first solo world tour "Rebel with a Cello." Among the few Italian dates, it will be at Palazzo del Turismo in Jesolo (Ve) on October 22, 2023.
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